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Last Cast Bait and Tackle

Black Magic Tackle GZ Livebait (Hooks)

Black Magic Tackle GZ Livebait (Hooks)

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Key features

  • Called the GZ series because they are a “Godzilla” range of live bait hooks
  • Extra strong wire gauge, super sharp points
  • Tough hooks for tough fish, in sizes to suit your target species and the live baits you have available
  • Manufactured in Japan with a precision crafted and super sharp, chemically sharpened point
  • Black lacquer coating means it’s hard for fish to spot. This coating also allows the hook to rust away quickly if left in a fish’s mouth. To help avoid corrosion, wash the hook after use, dry and spray with a protective coating. (e.g. Inox, CRC, WD40 etc.) Store separately from unused hooks

Fishing style

  • Great for cubing
  • Live baiting
  • Large Kingfish, Hapuka, Bluenose, Spanish Mackerel and other large fish species
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