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Samurai EGI (Rods)

Samurai EGI (Rods)

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The squid phenomenon just keeps going and getting bigger and better thanks to the continued focus on state-of-the-art equipment and jigs. Samurai focusses on fishing rod construction and produces some of the finest, lightest and crispest feeling fishing rods in the world.

In an era of never ending specialisation, they have turned their attention back to squid or Egi rods. When Samurai began, they had some of the sleekest multi-tapered graphite blanks for this style of fishing and the new models take tha
t technology even further.

The new Samurai Egi rods use Hex Axial cross woven carbon graphite to deliver a blank that is ridiculously light and strong. They blend and cross the fibres in a proprietary Cross-Fusion-Press process that results in a crisp, precise machine rolled multi-tapered blank, essential for the lunging runs of a large squid. The tip of the rod remains light and whip sharp, imparting crucial, instant action to the jig as soon as the angler makes any movement with the rod.

There are 3 models, an L, M and ML covering jigs from 1.5-4.0 and all employ class leading Fuji Titanium Torzite guides and eva foam grips. Samurai Egi rods are the ultimate in refinement, and both light and insanely responsive.

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