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SILSTAR SLAPSTIK 6 inch (soft plastic)

SILSTAR SLAPSTIK 6 inch (soft plastic)

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ce pelagics. They’re an ideal lure for anglers working rocky washes or for bouncing along a reef.

Silstar Slapstix lures are fantastic at enticing a wide range of saltwater fish species like kingfish, tuna and even dolphinfish around the FAD’s or commercial fish traps. There will be an all-out war within the fish schools as they fight to be the first to eat your Slapstix.

While Slapstix fishing lures are marketed mostly towards saltwater anglers, the size of these soft plastic stick baits open up the possibilities for certain freshwater species too like murray cod, billabong barra, saratoga and even huge trout. After all, looking at it they sort of do represent an eel profile.

Silstar Slapstix lures come in either 6 inch or 9 inch sizes. You can rig them up In multiple ways from weighted to un-weighted using a worm style hook.

Slapstix fishing lures are also quite versatile in the way they can be cast and retrieved. You could cast and retrieve at a blistering pace across the surface of the water, you could use a traditional lift and drop style, or you can jerk the bait in various fashions to resemble a fleeing wounded baitfish just asking to be eaten.

Features and Specifications

  • Style: Soft Plastic Stickbait
  • Brand: Silstar
  • Quantity: 10 Lures in packet
  • Size: Choose either 6 inch or 9 inch when ordering
  • Ideal for both reef species and pelagic species
  • Can be rigged weighted or unweighted
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Can be retrieved at fast and slow speeds or jigged along and off the bottom.
  • Marketed as a saltwater fishing lure, could be used in freshwater too for certain large species.
  • Ideal surface lure unweighted for kingfish, big salmon and more or weighted for reef fish like snapper and jewfish.
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